Aquapiston VS Canister Flush Toilet | Winner 2023

Are you looking for a powerful flush toilet for your beautiful home and confused between Aquapiston and Canister flush? Which is perfect and more decent?

This article eliminates all of your doubts between the Canister flush valve and Aqua piston.

A powerful flush is necessary for a home. Notably, there are large families.

Around more than 80 percent of this article cover my personal experience and the rest from user reviews.

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What is Kohler Aquapiston Flush Technology?

Kohler Aquapiston Flush is a powerful built-in flushing technology. Aquapiston rotates water 360-degree angle to create a more powerful flush with less water.

Aquapiston set on flush canister 3:2 ratio inlet and outlet.

How do Aquapiston toilets work?

Aquapiston invents by Kohler, a flapper-less flush valve built inside the cistern. 

The whole model looks like a compact yet simple mechanism. A cylindrical overflow tube is set vertically in the canister.

Whenever you push the flush level. The chain directly attaches to the cylindrical tube will lift the valve, and allows water to flow into the bowl through 360 rotation.

In the Aquapiston flush- the inlet flush valve is not an old-style rubber seal. A canister installs instead of rubber.

Aquapiston is nothing but the whole flush technique based on a gravity-fed mechanism. Two big nozzles present the edge of the rim.

Kohler aqua piston is the rimless toilet. While flushing, the water runs through the nozzles and creates a cyclonic pressure, remove all wastage at gravitational force.

 The most amazing part of Aquapiston is- it comes in One-piece and two-piece both in Cimmaron. Kohler applies a smart strategy in two-piece toilets.

The most two-piece toilet has complained about Gasket Leakage. 

To prevent the leakage and easy install, Kohler attached one hard enough dry lock tank base plate, where you have to apply one tool to secure the bowl with a Socket Wrench without having trouble.

Advantages of Having an Aquapiston

  1. Wash away all waste with a 360-degree flush.
  2. Not worry about clogging.
  3. Powerful flushing with less water usage.
  4. Save water bill.
  5. Available both one-piece and two-piece even round and elongated toilets.
  6. No need to clean rim holes because it has gravity fed.
  7. Since Aquapiston does not depend on rubber flapper, so no leakage issue.
  8. 3 inches flush valve improves the flushing efficacy.

Kohler Aquapiston Seal problems

Among all advantages, Kohler Aquapiston may have some drawbacks also-

In most of the toilets, when you press the flush handle the flapper remains open until all of the tank water drains into the bowl.

After that, the handle lever comes to the previous position automatically.

But in Aquapiston, it’s not gonna happening- you have to hold the handle until all waste rinses through.

Another one is- some users complain about flushing problems.

aquapiston vs canister flush toilet

What is Kohler Canister Flush Valve Seal?

The canister is made of sturdy plastic material. Toilets with canister valves generally have a long tubular valve in the tank placed upright.

The valve rises and discharges water from the reservoir when you push the handle. The water goes down so powerfully with the lower amount.

The canister flush valve is wide and lets in more water. This is a fantastic way to clear out. Canister valves are complex to function with unique parts.

How do Canister Flush toilets work?

The canister flush has a 3 to 3.5 inches flush valve which allows a lot of water at a faster rate at a time.

The canister is best and durable with less maintenance.

Are canister flush valves better?

I think so. Canister way better than flapper because canister can go long way with less maintenance.

But there is a drawback of the canister, and that is- if the canister gets worn out becomes little challenging to replace and costly.

Kohler Aquapiston VS Canister Flush

So, there is nothing between Aquapiston and Canister. Both are simply terms of technology, as defined by Kohler.

The aqua piston is a completely powerful flushing technique that relies on Canister flush valve.

Both Canister and Aquapiston work together in Kohler Cimmaron models to make a strong clog-free toilet.

The innovation idea is great, more reliable, more durable, no need for extra maintenance.

You won’t be disappointed if you replace the old toilet with an Aquapiston.

Bottom Line- Kohler Canister Flush Valve VS Aquapiston

KOHLER does have the skirted design, which shows that the Cimarron is still a wonderful toilet for acquisition. The advantage is the powerful flushing engine AquaPiston with a broad area of water.

Seven cool color variations are available with round, elongated two-piece, and one-piece versions.

This design is great whenever the toilet is moved to another rough-in. Save the difficulty of deciding on wallet hemorrhage. And therefore would not be simple to construct.

Again no nasty trapway revealed! This truly provides a better aesthetic and saves you the tedious task of polishing the traps.

Q1. Is Aquapiston flush loud?

Kohler Aquapiston does not make any loud noise while a flush, just like the old toilet does.
Aquapiston flush is water efficient with a quiet flush engine. The water moves 360 degrees around the bowl.
As the Aquapiston set over on canister flush valve, has three to 3.5 inches trapway. Consequently, it creates great water pressure.

Q2. Can you replace the Kohler canister flush valve?

Yes. You can replace the Kohler Canister Flush valve effortlessly.
1. Shut off the water supply line link up with the toilet tank.
2. Flush the entire water, and remove excess remaining water using a cloth or sponge.
3. Take a bucket.
4. 1/4 twist counterclockwise; the white refill pipe unites into the head of the cylindrical canister valve.
5. Lift the Canister from the tank carefully.
6. You may notice a red seal present bottom of the Canister.
7. Remove the seal first.
8. Then replace with a new seal. The seal is sometimes comer yellow also.
9. After placing the seal, place the Canister likewise and twist the overfill tube again 1/4 clockwise.
10. For a secure check-up- try to pull the canister cylinder once. ( don’t give too much pressure)
11. Turn on the water supply and wait to fill the tank, and flush once to check if any fault present or not.

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