Does American Standard Make a 10 inch Rough-in Toilet?

Many older homes still have 10-inch rough-in toilets, although toilets can easily turn from 10 inches to 12 inches.

But for those who don’t want to change, some big brands make 10-inch rough-in toilets. 

Like the American standard over the 140 years, they have several 10 inch rough-in models that work amazingly well and last a long time.

Does American Standard Make a 10 inch Rough-in Toilet?

To the straight answer YES, American Standard makes 10 inch rough-in toilets with high flushing performance.

For more than 140 years, the American Standard has reigned supreme, and each time they introduce some surprising feature for the benefit of the people.

They make 10 to 14 inches toilets at an affordable price. So I did some research and discovered the top three most popular and best-selling American Standard 10 inch rough-in toilets.

The good news, you have the option of round/ elongated and chair- standard height, including 1.6 and 1.28 GPF.

American Standard 10 inch Rough-in Toilets Comparison Table 

Dimensions  27.81 x 18.69 x 29.5 31 x 18.13 x 28.88 26.25 x 17 x 29.13
Toilet TypeTwo-PieceTwo-PieceTwo-piece
Flush TypeSingleSingleSingle
Flush EngineGravity FedCadet FlushCadet Flush
Flush Valve2”2 1/8”2 1/8”
Weight62.2 lbs82 lbs55 lbs
Height15” rim Height 16-1/2-in rim height 15” rim height
CertificatesMeets EPA WaterSense®, ASME, High-Efficiency Toilet  ADA, EPA, Water Sense EPA, HET
GPF1.28/ 1.61.28/1.61.28/1.6
Bowl ShapeElongatedRound/ElongatedRound/ Elongated
PriceCheck HereCheck HereCheck Here

3 Best American Standard 10 inch Rough-in Toilets

American Standard Colony -10 inch Rough-in (Elongated Toilet)


  • Dimension- 27.81 x 18.69 x 29.5 inches
  • Toilet Type- Two-piece
  • Flush Type- Single
  • Flush Technology- Gravity Fed
  • Flush Valve- 2”
  • Trapway- 2”
  • Weight- 62.2 pounds
  • Height- 15” rim Height
  • GPF- 1.28/1.6
  • Color- 3 Shades
  • Bowl Shape- Elongated
  • Trip Lever- Right hand
  • Certificates- Meets EPA WaterSense®, ASME, High-Efficiency Toilet 
  • Retrofitting- Small to large

The American Standard Colony Two-piece elongated toilet is a lovely, long-lasting, and dependable solution for your home.

It is made of robust and easy-to-clean vitreous china. China has two-year protection and a siphon action bowl with a power wash rim that wipes the bowl with every flush.

The colony has a 2″ flush valve and a 2″ fully glazed trapway.

The wax ring and toilet seat are purchased separately. With the American Standard Colony Elongated Toilet, you can remodel your restroom without hurting the budget. 

The New Colony Toilet is compatible with a wide range of styles and flushes quietly. There’s also no need to flush twice.

Standard height with elongated seat makes comfortable to seat and extra sitting place to seat. 

The best part is that the Colony toilet is available in both 1.6 GPF and 1.28 GPF toilets. 

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Take according to your need.

  • Water Notice

Calculate average water consumed by 2 members in one house, use once the toilet then how much water will waste.

1 Gallons = ~4.55 liters
If the 2 members in a house flush the toilet, then 2 x 4.55 = 9.1 liters means 2 Gallons per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 9.1 = 3321.5 liters of water means ~730.63 gallons of water per year will consume.

1.28 GPF = ~5.81 liters. For 2 members 2x 5.81 = 11.62 liters = ~2.55 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 11.62 = 4241.3 liters of water means =~932.96 Gallons of water per year.

For, 1.6 GPF = ~ 7.28 liters water . For 2 member 2 x 7.28= 14.56 liters =~ 3.20 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole yera, 365 x 14.56 = 5314.4 liters = ~ 1169.00 Gallons of water per Year.

In the end, if you use 1.28 GPF, you can save up to ( 5314.4 – 4241.3) = 1073.1 liters =~ 236.1 Gallons per water per year. 
You may assume the different water bill also.

The Large water surface and PowerWash rim scrubs combination keep the bowl clean last long without fade-away.

1.28 GPF American Standard Colony two-piece toilet certified with High efficiency, ultra-low consumption, utilizes 20 percent less water. 

You can get benefit from low -water consumption Without compromising its performance.

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  • Color Match bolts
  • Comfortable, stylish, 3 color options
  • Water-efficient
  • The comparatively large water surface in the bowl
  • US EPA WaterSense® Specification for HETs
  • PowerWash rim scrubs keep the bowl clean long time
  • Lightweight, easy to install for one person
  • Great toilet for small space.


  • Seat and supply not included
  • Clogging Issue sometimes

If you avoid seats not included, then the American Standard Colony Two-piece 10” rough-in toilet is the best toilet among all reviews from Amazon.

74% of users are very happy and recommend Colony’s 10-inch rough-in toilet as their first choice. 

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American Standard Cadet Pro- Affordable 10 inch Rough-in 


  • Dimension- 31 x 18.13 x 28.88 inches
  • Toilet Type- two-piece
  • Flush Type- Single
  • Flush Technology- Gravity Fed
  • Flush Valve –3”
  • Trapway- 2-1/8”
  • Weight- 82
  • Height- 16-1/2-in rim height
  • GPF- 1.28/1.6
  • Color- White
  • Bowl Shape- Round/Elongated
  • Trip Lever- Chrome finish trip lever
  • Certificates- ADA, EPA, Water Sense
  • Retrofitting- Compact

American Standard Cadet series toilet is another milestone to the less clogging maintenance toilet.

The Cadet model includes a Cadet flushing system- means 3-inch flush valve with 2.12” visible trapway siphonic jet outlet.

3” flush valve is available only on the American Standard Cadet series. It magnifies the flushing power and virtually clog-free performance.

The American Standard Cadet pro has lots of options like bowl shape both available Round and Elongated.

The Elongated provides comfortable seating and a round bowl compact for the bathroom.

The American Standard Cadet Pro 1.28 GPF toilet is ADA Compliant, ASME Certified, CSA Certified, IAPMO Certified, etc. 

The robust metal trip lever, which is located on the left side, has a comfortable height of about 16-1/2-in rim height, which means it is again compatible for seniors, disabled people, people with knee problems, etc.

Although, Cadet Pro does not come with seat or supply items. The vitreous Chinaware has 5 years limited warranty.


  • Powerwash Rim
  • Everclean surface prevents the growth of Bacteria, Molds, and Stains
  • Available in 1.28 and 1.6 GPF of water 
  • Available in Round and elongated bowl
  • 5 years warranty
  • 9-in x 8-in water surface area
  • Chrome finish trip lever which is robust, rust-proof
  • Installation is easy


  • Seat and other support items not included

American Standard Cadet 3 Flowise Round Front- 10” inch Rough-in Toilet


  • Dimension- 26.25 x 17 x 29.13 inches
  • Toilet Type- Two-piece
  • Flush Type- Single
  • Flush Technology- Cadet® Flushing System
  • Flush Valve- 3”
  • Trapway- 2-1/8″
  • Weight- 55 pounds
  • Height- 15” rim height
  • GPF- 1.28 
  • Color- White
  • Bowl Shape- Round
  • Trip Lever- Chrome finish trip lever
  • Certificates- EPA, HET, Water efficient
  • Retrofitting- Small bathroom

American Standard Cadet 3 Flowise, a round front white toilet, is perfect for small bathrooms. 

Cadet 3 Flowise 10 inch rough in the toilet is about 15-inch rim height. 

Only 1.28 gallons per flush water has been used, Cadet flush and the 3-inch flush valve and 2.18” visible trapway make the toilet high efficient performance. Almost clog-free.

The Cadet Vitreous China material with an everclean surface wall prevents stains, bacterial, mold growth.  

Cadet 3 Flowise round front 10-inch rough-in toilet is High efficiency with low water consumption water toilet which utilized 20% less water with each flush.

Speed-Connect tank-to-bowl coupling system.

Additionally, less water means saving more money at the end of the year. The bowl’s water surface area is about the same depth and width as a 9-by-8-inches, so poop doesn’t stick to the wall. This also prevents sewage odor.


  • Clog-free
  • Powerwash Rim
  • Everclean surface prevents the growth of Bacteria, Molds, and Stains
  • 5 years warranty
  • 9-in x 8-in water surface area
  • Chrome finish trip lever which is robust, rust-proof
  • Installation is easy
  •  1,000g MaP Score
  • Utilizes 20% less water
  • ADA Height


  • Seat and supply sold separately

Final Thought on American Standard 10 inch Rough-in Toilets

As previously stated, the American Standard has produced over a hundred thousand faucets, bath decor, and toilets to make a standard home. To be more specific, your bathroom extra beautiful.

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You are searching for a 10 inch rough-in. You already know that 10″ rough-in toilets do not have many options and reliable products. 

But don’t worry about that. Besides, 10” parameter select according to your needs, and you won’t regret it later.

Look at the price, height, comfort, space, GPF, etc.

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