Champion Pro VS Champion 4 |Better American Standard

Hey folks, today is all about American Standard CHAMPION PRO VS CHAMPION 4, the most selling two latest and innovative models from American Standard.

When you’ve tried plunging toilets, you know it’s the worst moment of your life.

Unlike Champion Toilets, this new range of toilets meets the industry’s highest criteria for flushing performance, effectively removing clogs and providing a better and more efficient flush.

The main difference between American Standard Champion 4 and Champion pro is Water consumption but let’s figure out other major differences and their unique features that make all heart pounding.

What is the Difference Between American Standard Champion 4 and Champion Pro?

ParameterChampion ProChampion 4
Diameter30.25 x 30.80 x 1929.5 x 29.75 x 17.75
Toilet TypeTwo-pieceOne-piece
Flush TypeSingleSingle
Flush TechnologyChampion FlushChampion Flush
Flush Valve4”4”
Weight97 lbs111 lbs
HeightRightStandard/ Right Height
Color3 shade3 shade
Bowl ShapeRound/ElongatedElongated
Trip LeverLeft HandLeft Hand
CertificateADA, CEC, CALGreen, EPA,ADA
Special FeatureQuiet FlushSlow close seat included,
Quieter flush
RetrofittingSmall to largeMid-large
Warranty10 years10 years
PriceCheck Price Check Price

Specification of Two American Standard Models

American Standard Champion 4 Toilet

Champion Pro VS Champion 4 |Better American Standard


  • Dimension (LxWxH) 17.75 x 29.75 x 29.5 inches
  • Toilet Type- One-piece
  • Height- Standard/ Right
  • Bowl shape– Elongated
  • Weight- 111 lbs
  • GPF-1.6
  • Flush type- Single
  • Flush engine- Champion Flush
  • Flush Valve- 4”
  • Trapway- 2.38”
  • Certificate- EverClean surface, ADA compliant, 
  • Ideals for- Senior, tall, disabled people
  • Special Traits- Slow close seat included, Quieter flush, Best clog-free
  • Color- 3 shades
  • Rating- 4.5/5

American Standard Champion Pro Toilet 

Champion Pro VS Champion 4 |Better American Standard


  • Dimension (LxWxH)– 30.25 x 19 x 30.88 inches
  • Toilet Type- Two-piece
  • Height – Right
  • Weight- 97 Pounds
  • GPF- 1.28 
  • Flush type- Single
  • Flush engine- Champion Flush
  • Flush Valve- 4”
  • Trapway- 2.38”
  • Certificate- EPA, ADA, CALGreen, Water Efficient, CEC
  • Ideals for- All types of people
  • Special Traits- Round & elongated bowl
  • Color- 3 shades
  • Rating- 3.5/5

American Standard Champion Pro VS Champion 4 

American Standard Campion series models are so innovative and have a 4-inch flush valve and 2.38 inch fully Glazed trapway that is industries largest and wider flush valve and trapway.

Both combinations make Champion Toilets virtually clog-free and provide high rate performance, even low flow toilets.

The main difference is


The Champion 4 toilets are available in both height comfort chair height and standard height. Comfortable for all types of people from short to tall, junior to senior.

If you don’t know about the right height and normal height, then check out details on Chair Height VS Right Height VS Standard Height.

Champion Pro is only available for the right height. That is not comfortable for short people.

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Water Consumption

Water consumption is a big issue today. So many countries have adopted policies that state that more than 1.28 GPF of water consumption toilets are not to be used.

Water consumption not only saves your water bill, but they are environmentally friendly. 

Additionally, provide tremendous performance at low water. See below the water consumption rate per gallon of water.

Calculate average water consumed by 2 members in one house, use once the toilet then how much water will waste.

1 Gallons = ~4.55 liters
If the 2 members in a house flush the toilet, then 2 x 4.55 = 9.1 liters means 2 Gallons per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 9.1 = 3321.5 liters of water means ~730.63 gallons of water per year will consume.

1.28 GPF = ~5.81 liters. For 2 members 2x 5.81 = 11.62 liters = ~2.55 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole year, 365 x 11.62 = 4241.3 liters of water means =~932.96 Gallons of water per year.

For, 1.6 GPF = ~ 7.28 liters water . For 2 member 2 x 7.28= 14.56 liters =~ 3.20 Gallons of water per Day.

In the whole yera, 365 x 14.56 = 5314.4 liters = ~ 1169.00 Gallons of water per Year.

In the end, if you use 1.28 GPF, you can save up to ( 5314.4 – 4241.3) = 1073.1 liters =~ 236.1 Gallons per water per year. 
You may assume the different water bill also.

Now utilize only 1.28 GPF of water and save lots of money at the end of the day, thanks to Champion Pro models. 

The American Standard Champion Pro series toilets consume 1.28 GPF of water per flush and endure their performance.

In that case, American Standard Champion 4 spends 1.6 GPF of water. You can see the difference.

If you’re looking for a toilet that saves water along serves high performance, then Champion Pro will be the right choice.

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American Standard Champion Pro is carrying a lot of certificates for high-performance with low water consumption. Due to this reason, it is available in any country.

Whereas, the Champion 4 model holds 1.6 GPF, the reason why it is not available in all countries like California, Texas, etc.


Despite the fact that both American Standard models use the same brand new Champion flushing mechanism, they are nearly clog-free, with each wash removing 70% more waste than a typical toilet flush.

But Champion 4 is quieter and faster than Champion Pro. Whereas Champion Pro uses only 1.28 GPF water without sacrificing the performance.

One Piece or Two-Piece Matter

Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet, and Champion Pro is a Two-piece.

One-piece pros

  • Longer durability
  • Fewer leakage problems
  • Easy to clean and maintenance
  • Less worry for crack issues
  • Compact design fits into small to large bathroom
  • Faster installation and easy to handle

Two-Piece Pros

  • Easy to install
  • Very affordable
  • Lots of color and height options
  • If there is a problem with a toilet tank, you don’t have to remove the whole toilet. Just the tank.
  • Water-saving 
  • More rough-in options are available
  • Easy to ship for one person handle

One-piece Cons

  • Heavy to handle for one person
  • Costly
  • Fewer options for Rough-in size 
  • If there is a problem with a toilet tank, you have to remove the whole toilet

Two-Piece Cons

  • More leakage issue
  • More crack issue
  • Durability less than one-piece
  • Not easy to clean sometimes
  • Joining areas gets more dirt and causes bacteria to build up.

To know about one piece better or two pieces? Read One-piece VS Two-Piece toilet. Choosing between one and two-piece depends on you and your man-to-man choice.

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Bowl Option

American Standard Champion 4 comes up with an elongated toilet that is very impressive and comfortable for sitting and standing.

Again, Champion Pro comes up with both round and elongated options. 

Round perfectly fits into a small bathroom and enhances the beauty, the other hand elongated toilet gives you better sitting space.

Elongated is 2 inches larger than the round front seat.

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Unique Features

The American Champion 4 is ADA compliant, has an everclean surface that prevents odor-causing bacteria, stains, thrives molds, etc.

Champion Pro is meeting ADA requirements, CEC (California Energy Commission), CALGreen, EPA, Water efficient, and Water Sence certified.

Additionally, Champion Pro has an Everclean surface that also prevents odor-causing bacteria, stains, molds, etc.


ParametersChampion ProChampion 4
Bowl Height16.5”15”/16.5”
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

What is The Champion Flushing System?

The American Standard, while coming upon with Champion toilet series, one of the best parts and increase the marketing demand for Champion models their Flush Valve and Trapway diameter.

All Champion Models have a 4” flush valve and 2.38” fully glazed trapway with Bowl Hydraulics flush along with a siphonic jet outlet.

Bowl Hydraulics is the powerwash rim system where powerwash cleans every single corner of the bowl. Make longer cleaning toilet, blocks odor and free from clean.

These four combinations are called Champion Flush and make them clog-free, faster flush toilets from any other standard toilet.

Final Thought- American Standard Champion Pro VS Champion 4

Both Champion models are way beautiful. In most trending toilets nowadays, you can experience clog-free life.

Champion 4 one-piece enhance your bathroom where Champion Pro can save you from water bills with the same performance. The toilets have 10 years limited warranty.

The advantage of Champion Pro over Champion 4 is

  • Consume less water
  • Available in every region
  • Two-piece
  • Round and Elongated options
  • Perfect for every-one

Disadvantage- Seat has to buy separately.

The advantage of Champion 4 over Champion Pro is

  • One-piece means gives you longtime support
  • Easy to clean and access
  • Slow Close Seat Included where Pro comes with less-seat.

Disadvantage– Not available in some regions, consume more water

I believe you now have a clearer choice. Whatever you choose, according to your needs, and remember, the toilet is the ultimate American Champion series, which you won’t regret later.

FAQs- Champion 4 VS Champion Pro

Q1. Is American Standard Toilets Worth it?

Definitely Yes. I believe the American Standard toilets have those compact features that have to be present in an Ideal toilet.

Toilets are not only for bathroom beauty and waste removal but they provide a comfortable seat and have peace in own. Wrong toilets can lead to constipation.

American Standard toilets are worth it due to
~Provide extra comfort
~ADA, CEC, CALGreen certified
~More color options, bowl shape, and height 
~Industry’s leading flushing performance
~EverClean surface technology prevents the formation of odor-causing bacteria, stains, and molds, and keeps the surface sparkling after each wash.
~Long duration toilets
~Reliable Customers support, and most important- Brand warranty minimum 10 years to a lifetime.

What are you thinking now, is there any brand that gives you such a priceless feature at an affordable rate?

Q2. Are American Standard toilets good quality?

YES. The American Standard toilets are good quality with the industry’s best flushing performance, clog-free, stain-free, odor-free toilets.

Q3. Are American Standard toilets made in China?

No, Not Realy. American Standard toilets are from North America. HQ is Piscataway, New Jersey, U.S.

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